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Choosing the BEST Green Screen company may seem complicated. We at the Green Screen Man understand your confusion, and we are here to help. We know that you have great expectations, and we strive to SURPASS those expectations. Below are just a few reasons to help you decide that we are your best choice...

7iao96K9Ta High Resolution Pictures

Each of our packages is equipped with High Resolution cameras which take great photos. The photo are then printed out on High Resolution Dye-Sublimation printers. These printers are of commercial grade and give great professional-quality prints within seconds.  We at The Green Screen Man promise that you will be just delighted with the quality!

7iao96K9Tc Keepsake Memory Book

This may be the most important part of our job.  Once the evening is over, the guests have gone and the party is over, the memories will remain.  With the help of our dedicated attendants guiding your guests into creating an ever-lasting memory book. You will go back year after year to experience the fun memories of your evening! Included with Green Screen Booth.

7iao96K9Tb Philly's Premier Green Screen Company

We have been providing fun memories and entertainment for 7 years.  Were has all the time gone?  We have entertained at thousands of parties and would love to make you one of our satisfied clients.  Being the OLDEST Photo Booth Company in Philadelphia, we have seen many smaller, part-time, un-dedicated companies disappear overnight. We have been here 7 years and hope for another 17!

7iao96K9Tb  Friendly Experienced Attendants

Our professional attendants do MUCH more than just hand out photos. They are there to interact with your guests to help enhance their fun and experience. The GREEN SCREEN MAN's attendants are fun, friendly, clean, knowledgeable, and professional. They will also insure that a good time is had by all your guests.

7iao96K9Ta  Choose the Best Package

We at The Green Screen Man realize that one-size does not fit all, this is true with Photo Booths and Green Screen, too.  So, we have a few different styles and sizes to accommodate your needs and style. Your choices range from a more formal Green Screen Studio to the more relaxed Green Screen  Booth.  You and your guests will be more relaxed if the equipment style fits your party style.

7iao96K9Tc  Best Value $$$

The Green Screen Man offers the best value in the industry.  Value is NOT the cheapest!  Renting the cheapest package is a recipe for disaster. The best value is the best deal for your money.  Remember the old adage "You get what you pay for". The Green Screen Man will give you the BEST value.

7iao96K9Tc  Extensive Prop Selection

We provide a whole bin full of fun props, including cowboy hats, sombreros, pizza hats, hot dog hats, many other hats, giant sunglasses, professionally-made signs, and various sundry and seasonal items. Literally dozens of items in the bin. Create a new and unique image with a different prop for each photo. Your options are endless.                    

7iao96K9Tb  Personalized Service

At The Green Screen man you are not a just a name. You are not just a number.  You are not just a sale.  You are an individual having a unique event that we can help make fun and memorable.  When you call, we strive to remember your name, date and event information off the top of our heads. Everyone should be treated special.

7iao96K9Ta  We are a Full-Time Company

Yes, our only business is Photography and Photo Booth Rentals.  We are full-time entertainment professionals that make our living renting photo booths and satisfying our clients.  We love talking to our customers, so we are there to answer the phone or emails when you have a question. In 7 years of  business, we have seen many part-time companies go out of business, please choose wisely.

smile Ready to Reserve Your Green Screen?

Want to check on your date's availability? Have a few extra questions?  Email or Call us today.

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Green Screen Features:

Need a few more reasons why you should choose The Green Screen Man for your next event?

  • High quality Photos from High quality cameras.
  • Quality Prints from Commercial-quality printers.
  • Full color photo prints within seconds of your photos
  • Digital File of your strips.
  • Black and White or Color
  • We supply the scrapbook
  • Complete Scrapbooking Session
  • Customized Logos
  • Large Prop Bin with dozens of props
  • Great Friendly Attendants


We are Philly's Premier Green Screen Company. Our first party was on July 19, 2009! Since then, we have provided a Photo Booth and green screen to literally thousands of parties. We LOVE providing the fun and we truly enjoy interacting with your guests. Even though we have provided thousands of booths, we are well aware that you want your party to be unique and special. You and your guests will not be disappointed! We strive to make your day SPECIAL. We are grateful that you will entrust us to provide the best service at the best price. So, Let's Get This Party Started, give us a call Now!



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