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Debtor Examinations And Third Parties

“My debtor owns a 2nd house, he has bragged about this, and I know his friend has been to the second home a lot of times. The getaway residence is not findable by me as the debtor’s name. How can one particular deliver the buddy of the debtor to court to disclose what he knows about the debtor’s house?”

Often, to try out to get a judgment paid, you need to bring in the debtor for a debtor’s examination. Other times, you may require to deliver in the partner, enterprise companion, or employer of your debtor as third parties, to collect information about the debtor that could lead to receiving your judgment paid. I am a Judgment Broker, not a attorney, and this write-up covers what I have done in California for judgments that I owned. The methods are comparable in other states. To carry a third get together to court, you need to get a court-scheduled hearing. You have to get a court (or lawyer) stamped subpoena, personally served on both the debtor and the third get together. You may need to have to also at the very same time, have a consumer recognize served on the debtor.

You should pay the court for the hearing, and then pay out a method server to serve all events. You also need to fill out the correct court forms (EJ-125), and supply the correct wordings. That is what the rest of this article covers. There are two techniques to go, when you fill out the paperwork, to comply with CCP 708.120.

One particular way is to use only webpage two of the EJ-125 form. The place it says (two) Discover TO JUDGMENT DEBTOR, variety or far better but, use a fillable PDF on your pc and print, the explanation to deliver in the 3rd party in this area, in CAPITAL LETTERS, as it states, because you do not want any party to have any purpose to consider to quash your subpoena.

Create one thing like “JANE SMITH IS THE Partner OF THE JUDGMENT DEBTOR AND HAS Expertise OF THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE ASSETS AND OTHER Essential Data Regarding THE JUDGMENT DEBTOR TO Assist IN THE ENFORCEMENT OF THIS JUDGMENT” or “JOHN SMITH IS THE EMPLOYER OF THE JUDGMENT DEBTOR AND HAS FAILED TO COMPLY WITH THE EARNINGS WITHHOLDING Order LAWFULLY SERVED Upon THE Firm”. All you actually call for something stating why you should inquire the third party queries below oath concerning the judgment debtor.

If the factors to deliver in the third-get together call for far more explanation, you must file a separate affidavit, stating who this particular person is, their relationship to the judgment debtor, and no matter whether they one) Are indebted $ 250 or a lot more to the judgment debtor, or 2) Probably have information about the judgment debtor’s assets.

On the EJ-125 kind, on the back, you list the judgment debtor’s home underneath control of the witness, so you can efficiently recognize and lien the residence, due to the fact a correctly served subpoena produces a silent 1-12 months lien on any identified house.

On a separate affidavit, on normal pleading paper, making use of a common format, compose “Affidavit for 3rd Party Judgment Debtor Examination.” For instance, AFFIDAVIT OF YOURNAME, IN Support OF THIRD Get together EXAMINATION OF MR. DEADBEAT DEBTOR. (or) AFFIDAVIT OF YOURNAME, ASSIGNEE OF RECORD, IN Assistance OF THIRD Celebration EXAMINATION OF MR. DEADBEAT DEBTOR. In the entire body of your affidavit, you write anything based on your “belief and details”:

I, the undersigned, declare as follows:

1. I am the (judgment creditor/assignee of record) in this situation. I am over 18 many years of age. I have personalized knowledge of the information herein, except as to individuals facts stated to be identified upon data and belief, and as to people details, I feel them to be correct. If referred to as on to testify, I could and would competently testify thereto.

2. Judgment for the plaintiff in the above-entitled matter was entered on May one, 2010 in the total volume of $ XX,XXX.00 awarded against MR. DEADBEAT DEBTOR. The total volume plus curiosity and fees stay due.

three. I want to examine MORTIMER SNERD, third get together who is the (partner, employer, and so on.) of the judgment debtor.

four. I am informed and believe that MORTIMER SNERD has in his/her possession house of the judgment debtor, and that MORTIMER SNERD is indebted to the debtors in an amount exceeding $ 250. (Or that MORTIMER SNERD has information of judgment debtor’s assets – primarily based on your information and belief.)

I declare under penalty of perjury below the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is real and correct.

Then, you need to checklist your Factors and Authorities to back up your request. What I have accomplished (only in California) to deliver in 3rd events to court when enforcing judgments I own, is to include factors and authorities along with my declaration for a third celebration examination consider to locate debtor’s assets. Here are points and authorities I haves utilized, on the 2nd page of my affidavit, and also placed in the third celebration request itself:


CCP 708.120. (a) Upon ex parte application by a judgment creditor who has a income judgment and proof by the judgment creditor by affidavit or otherwise to the fulfillment of the correct court that a third individual has the possession or manage of house in which the judgment debtor has an curiosity or is indebted to the judgment debtor in an sum exceeding two hundred fifty dollars ($ 250), the court shall make an buy directing the third man or woman to seem ahead of the court, or prior to a referee appointed by the court, at a time and location specified in the order, to answer regarding this kind of house or debt. The affidavit in help of the judgment creditor’s application could be based mostly on the affiant’s information and belief.

CCP 708.130(a) offers that witnesses may possibly be necessary to appear and testify before the court or referee in an examination proceeding under this post in the very same method as upon the trial of an concern. This includes the examination of any third person who has, or might have, knowledge of the judgment debtor’s assets and liabilities. This includes the partner of the debtor who, it can be fairly calculated, possesses specific expertise regarding the cash flow and assets of the debtor.

This understanding of the meaning of CCP 708.130 is corroborated by situation law. Even though there is no situation exclusively dealing with third parties, the language of case law leaves minor doubt that the scope of a debtor’s examination is not to be unnecessarily narrowed. In the situation of Kyne v. Eustice the court discovered:

The object of the proceeding is to compel the judgment debtor to give information concerning his residence and this kind of judgment-debtor examination is meant to be summary and factual, according the widest scope for inquiry regarding the home and business affairs of the judgment debtor. (Coleman v. Galvin, 78 Cal.App.2d 313, 318 177 P.2d 606 McCullough v. Clark, 41 Cal. 298, 302.)

The function of such supplementary proceedings are to discover and attain assets of a judgment debtor so as to apply them to the fulfillment of the judgment. (Smith v. Smith, 51 Cal.App.2d 29, 31-32 124 P.2d 117 Coleman v. Galvin, supra, In re Finn, 155 Cal.App.2d 705, 709 318 P.2d 816.) web page 633

Accordingly, a third man or woman or corporation alleged to have property of a judgment debtor or to be indebted to him might be examined regarding the same (CCP 717 now ยง708.120 Coleman v. Galvin, supra), and such proceedings could be effectively used to acquire the possession of third-get together debts soon after this kind of examination. (Thomas v. Thomas, 192 Cal.App.2d 771,778 13 Cal.Rptr.872 Hathaway v. Brady, 26 Cal. 581, 589.) Kyne v. Eustice, (1963) 215 CA2d 627, 632, thirty CR 391

Additional, in Young v. Keele, and cited in quite a few subsequent instances, the courts asserted the broad scope of inquiry permissible in judgment debtor’s examination, to the extent that its objective is “to depart no stone unturned in the search for assets which may possibly be utilised to satisfy the judgment.” Younger v. Keele (1987) 188 Cal.App.3d 1090, 1093 233 Cal.Rptr. 850 see also Troy v. Superior Court (1986) 186 Cal.App.3d 1006, 1014 231 Cal.Rptr. 108

Provided the over, you, as the Assignee, requests that the court order the issuance of an Application and Purchase for Look and Examination directed to the above Third Party.

A Sheriff or Process Server will serve your papers, along with a copy of the Factors and Authorities, so that it is clear that the witness is being served in the capability as a man or woman with knowledge of the debtor’s assets.

Specially if the third party is a organization, the link under is helpful:


Mark D. Shapiro – Judgment Broker, http://www.JudgmentBuy.com – in which Judgments go to get enforced.

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